FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


No registration is required to use our service.

An email is required to receive your passport photo digital file. 


Please use only your mobile phone to take your photo with your flash set to "on".  

Since all governmental passport agencies require clarity of the passport photo, the minimum, and optimum file size are 1 to 2 Mb.  

Please note that failure to comply with our criteria may result in rejection of your passport application.

1) Please make sure you clean your camera lens for clarity.

2) Make sure your flash in "on"

3) Your camera file size should be set to at least 2 Mb.  (The minimum and optimum file size is 1 to 2 Mb)

4) The camera to the subject must be 1 meter or 3 feet apart.

5) The camera lens must be at the subject's eye level.

1) The subject is back against a white no texture background.

2) The subject must look straight into the camera.

3) The subject must be in an evenly well-lit room.

1) Infants are best photographed lying on a white cloth. You can erase wrinkles or folds on the white cloth with our eraser exclusively at PassportPhotoOnline.com

2) Eliminate flailing arms and legs by wrapping baby in a cloth. Photos of children should not show any mechanical or human supports in the frame.

3) To achieve picture perfect passport photo, please photograph your cutie after feeding.

4) Make sure the subject is in a well-lit room filled with natural lighting. 

Digital File

You own the copyright of the download file you have purchased

You MUST print the digital file on a 4x6 print.  Any other size print wil result in scaling the image, thus, rejection from any passport agency is 100% guaranteed.  It is advisable to print your digital file at a professional photo lab to achieve proper color balance.

Passportphotoonline does not keep a copy of your purchased file on the server. You are responsible to keep your image file in a safe place.

Please note that all passport governmental agencies require the passport photo must be less than 6 months old.