How To Make A Passport Photo Using Your Smartphone


Having your passport photo taking by a professional photographer will certainly cost you some amount of money, even drugstores will charge you as much as $10-15 for a measly photo, why pay so much for a passport photo when you can do it yourself.

Your smartphone is a perfect tool for creating a passport photo, Passport photos can come from any source, as long as they meet the format specifications or requirements with the right instructions and guidelines, you can take and print passport photos from the comfort of your home using your smartphone.

You will be happy to know that taking your own passport photos is actually very simple. But it is also important to know that there are several passport photo guidelines that have been set up by government passport agencies and to avoid passport photo rejection these guidelines must be adhered to at all cost because a rejected passport photo will certainly cost you time and money. Here are some tips on how to use your smartphone to take a passport photo and guidelines to follow in order to have a rejection free passport photo.

Tips on how to use your smartphone to take a passport photo

1.    Get a smartphone: make sure your smartphone renders an excellent picture quality; any decent smartphone with good camera quality should be fine.

2.     Set up your shot: get a white or off-white background for the shot. Avoid patterns and wallpaper as well, a cream-colored background, like a wall or poster board, should make a good background as long as it is not too bright.

3.    Adjust lighting and shadow: with the help of your friend, properly adjust the lighting so that there aren't any shadows on your face or around your head and body. Place light sources to the right and left of the where the subject will be standing. This will help eliminate shadows on the face. Make sure there is plenty of light so that no shadow appears in the image. Natural light works well.

4.    Stand at least four feet from the subject: this way you are able to see the entire upper body.

5.    Take the photo: The picture must be taken straight on, with the subject’s face directly in front of the camera. If your subject is well illuminated, you shouldn't need to use the flash. Take a couple of pictures in case the first one is too blurry. Also when taking the photo remember that subject most have a neutral facial expression.

Official Passport Photo Guidelines

    subject should have a neutral facial expression


    sunglasses, Hats, and tinted glasses are forbidden


    No electronics can be in the photo


    make sure your photo is not blurry


    no red eyes


    no shadows in photo


    no tilted head

How to generate your passport photo

After taking your passport photo with your smartphone you will need a passport photo generator to help you crop or resize your photo to the correct passport photo specification of your country. The best passport photo generator which is will get the job done for provides you with two digital files- one single image photo (which you can use when applying for a passport online) and multiple printable passport photos which are suitable to be printed on 4R (4x6") photo also supports more than support 40 countries which include USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and more.